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Brentwood Family Pet Care


Brentwood Family Pet Care strives to provide the best care possible, and your valued input helps us to continually raise the level of service we offer to our patients and their owners every day.

Client Testimonials & Reviews

Highly recommended. I've been happily going there for years and have seen all the doctors at one time or another with my dogs. I absolutely trust the doctors and staff with my fur babies. They all love what they do and it shows in how they treat my pets and myself. Friendly and professional. Once I got established there, they became like family. My dogs can't wait to greet them.

Christi O.

Dr. Blount and staff were very attentive and showed so much concern to my Rocket when he got sick. Dr. Blount was thorough and upfront with the treatment plan and when we could not afford all of it, was very gracious enough to provide us with alternatives and a cost-effective way to treat my fur baby at home. We are just thankful that nothing else was wrong with Rocket and he recuperated as expected.

Thank you Brentwood Family Pet Care for accommodating Rocket when no other vet clinics would take him the day we needed to take him.

Geraldine V.

I had to put down my beloved cat named Thibodeaux. She was sixteen years old and had kidney failure. She was a joy and nothing will ever fill the hole in my heart. The doctor and staff were very compassionate and understanding. They were very gentle with her and that helped me from breaking down. That happened when I got home. Thank You to everyone at Brentwood Family Pet Care, you made the experience very touching.

Christine C.